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Alma Fiesta is the annual Socio-Cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, heralded as the 'Biggest Debutant fest of India' by The Telegraph in its maiden year 2010. Alma Fiesta has grown to become a beacon of culture and social change.

With 150+ colleges, 20,000+ footfall, shimmering stars of 'INDIAN OCEAN', 'AGNEE', 'GAJENDRA VERMA' and 'NIKHIL D'SOUZA'. Alma Fiesta has made a mark unprecedented and unachievable by its contemporaries.

An epitome of celebration, Alma Fiesta organises events of dance, music, dramatics and fine arts, workshops like Salsa, Android App development, Self-defence, Paper quilling, Clay modelling and Cyber Crusades and many more.

Why Join Us?

Get Certified

Earn the coveted Campus Ambassador Certificate from Alma Fiesta, IIT Bhubaneswar.

Skill Development

Improve your communication and networking skills by being a part of our fest.

Bragging Rights

Credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc.


Chance to get hands-on experience of institute level co-ordination, fest organization, event management and media relations.

VIP Passes for Star Nites

Each Campus Ambassador will be provided with VIP passes for all the three star nites of Alma Fiesta.


Put in your best effort and get a chance to win exclusive goodies and prizes.



Publicize Alma Fiesta and its Events by displaying posters on notice boards, sharing e-posters, spreading awareness of this cultural extravaganza.

Social Media

Like, Share, Follow Alma Fiesta and its various posts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Increase its web outreach as much as possible.


Encourage people from your college to participate in various online as well as offline competitions conducted throughout the year as well as during the three days of fest.


Support and encourage in organising cultural competitions or sessions regarding social awareness in your own college.


Campus Ambassador's Programme - Alma Fiesta'16

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